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Animal Acoustic Communication

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Animal Sounds

Avisoft-SASLab Pro - Bioacoustics Laboratory Software

is a versatile sound analysis, editing, classification and synthesis tool. Accelerate your acoustic investigations by using the large variety of advanced sound analysis options. There is also a free Lite version that still provides many useful tools. more>>

Avisoft-SASLab Pro

Avisoft-RECORDER - Bioacoustics Recording Software

provides sound-activated triggering for single or multichannel sound recording. It supports a wide range of audio interfaces and data acquisition devices and includes versatile playback tools for conducting playback experiments.


Avisoft-UltraSoundGate - Ultrasound Recording and Playback Devices

Integrated PC-based hardware and software solutions for recording and playing back ultrasonic signals both in the field and in the laboratory. more>>

UltraSoundGate products


Introducing the Generic USB Audio Devices USG 116Un and 116Unb.

Introducing the 4-channel playback device UltraSoundGate Player 416H.

The UltraSoundGate models 816H and 1216H are available again with a new, more reliable form factor.

ProBat version 5.2 now also suppports the Avisoft USG x16Hnbm bat monitoring systems.

An UltraSoundGate-based bat monitoring system specifically designed for wind turbines is now available from bat bioacoustic technology.

The latest version of the RECORDER software adds a real-time spectrum display option. more>>

Introducing UltraSoundGate 416Hnbm for bat monitoring applications more>>

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