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Condenser ultrasound microphone Polaroid/CMPA

Externally polarized condenser microphone for UltraSoundGate XX16
part # 40016
  • Frequency range : 10 kHz - 150 kHz
  • Approximate input-referred self-noise Level (bandwidth: 30-50 kHz): 12 dB SPL
  • Conncetor: male XLR-5 plug
  • Fixed protection grid
  • Dimensions : 50 x 50 x 60 mm
  • Weight : 72 g
  • Supplied accessories: 2 m extension cable (other lengths of up to 100 m are availble on request), high-quality Sennheiser microphone clamp and mini tripod
The Polaroid electrostatic transducer provides the best sensitivity of all available microphones in the frequency range between 20 and 60 kHz. It is comparable to the CM16 capsule but has a larger backplate and a slightly thicker metal film diaphragm. The original Polaroid transducer capsule is fully encapsulated in a protective aluminium housing and can be replaced by releasing a few screws. This microphone model requires an additional 200V polarization voltage that is supplied by the UltaSoundGate base units.
Frequency response

frequency response

Polar diagram CM16

polar diagram

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