Avisoft Bioacoustics

Mission and Services

Avisoft Bioacoustics has a record of developing innovative and first-to-market products that include ultrasound recording equipment with USB interface (introduced in 2001) and animal sound analysis software for the Windows operating system (introduced in 1993). Many of these ideas and concepts were subsequently adopted by competitors.

  • Distribution, support and maintenance of the Avisoft-SASLab Pro and Avisoft-RECORDER software.
  • Providing high-quality hardware products for both recording and playback of ultrasound (Avisoft-UltraSoundGate). Custom-specific modifications of the standard UltraSoundGate products are available on request.

Each Avisoft Bioacoustics product is accompanied by a swift customer support. Email inquiries will usually be answered within 24 hours. Suggestions for potential improvements of the products are always welcome. If possible, such hints will be considered in future product upgrades.

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