Condenser ultrasound microphone

Avisoft-Bioacoustics CM24/CMPA

Externally polarized condenser microphone for UltraSoundGate xx16x

part #40041
  • Frequency range : 2 kHz – 200 kHz
  • Approximate input-referred self-noise Level (bandwidth: 30-50 kHz) : 15 dB SPL
  • Approximate sensitivity : 500 mV/Pa
  • Connector : male XLR-5 plug
  • Removeable protection grid
  • Dimensions : 44 x 44 x 54 mm
  • Weight : 65 g
  • Supplied accessories : 5 m extension cable (other lengths of up to 300 m are available on request), high-quality Sennheiser microphone clamp and mini tripod

The condenser microphone Avisoft Bioacoustics CM24/CMPA provides maximum sensitivity (lowest noise floor) and a flat frequency response. Due to its larger diaphragm size of 24 mm it is more directional than the standard model CM16/CMPA. It consists of an (replaceable) externally polarized metalized film diaphragm and a metal back plate. This microphone model requires an additional 200V polarization voltage that is supplied by the UltaSoundGate base units.

The alternative preamplifier options for third-party recording equipment (-P48, -5V, 40-5V and 48AAF-5V) that are available for the CM16/CMPA microphone are on request also available for the CM24 version.

functional principle

frequency response

polar diagram