UltraSoundGate Player 416H

part # 70125, 70126

Ultrasound playback interface with four integrated D/A converters, power amplifiers, USB 2.0 interface, playback software and transport case. The UltraSoundGate Player 416H can be bus-powered in order to avoid an external power supply. For maximum sound levels, an external power supply (12…36VDC) can be attached. The trigger input (TRG) allows to start the playback by an external switch or TTL signal. The digital outputs (DOUT) can be used for instance to synchronize the playback with physiological data recording systems.

UltraSoundGate Player 416H, front view

UltraSoundGate Player 416H, back view

Number of channels 4
Resolution 16 bit
Sample rate 500 kHz
The bundled RECORDER USGH software provides a real-time oversampling option that allows to play .wav files with any sample rate below 500 kHz.
Output power 4 x 0.25 W (USB bus-powered) or 4 x 10 W (with external 36 V power supply)
DC bias voltage for electrostatic speakers 200 V
Frequency range 1 … 180 kHz
Slew rate 8 V/µsec
Overload indicator (red LED) yes
Volume adjustment potentiometers 2
Trigger button yes (HID device class compliant game controller button)
Speaker output connectors four 4-pole speakON connectors
Other inputs/outputs external trigger (TTL-compatible, 2.5 mm TS socket), 4 digital outputs (TTL-compatible, 3.5 mm TRS socket)
Computer interface USB 2.0, isochronous high-speed data transfer mode
Physical USB connection B-type USB socket
Supply current 500 mA (drawn from USB) or up to 2 A from an external 12…36 V supply
Housing compact aluminium enclosure
Physical dimensions (W/H/D) 140 x 37 x 245 mm
Weight 800 g
Included software Avisoft-RECORDER USGH
System requirements PC with at least an Intel Core i5 processor at 1 GHz, running Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11

Functional principle of the UltraSoundGate Player 416H

  • 4 x dynamic speakers Vifa (#60108) or electrostatic speakers ESS 16 (#60104)
  • An external AC power adaptor (part # 70106) is recommended when higher playback sound levels are required.

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