UltraSoundGate 116-200

part # 31161, 31162

Compact ultrasound recording interface with a balanced analog input, peak level meter, trigger button, acoustic monitoring output, rugged aluminium housing, USB 1.1 interface and water-proof transport case. Thanks to its compact size and the integrated peak level meter, this unit is certainly suited for hand held use with laptops or UMPCs in the field.

Number of channels 1
ADC type Delta-Sigma architecture with integrated adaptive anti-aliasing filter
Resolution 16 bit (fs<=500kHz) or 8 bit (fs<=750kHz)
Sample rates [kHz] 750 (8 bit only), 500, 384, 375, 300, 250, 214, 192,
187.5, 166.6, 150, 125, 100, 96, 75, 62.5, 50
Frequency response (-3dB, external input without mic) 20 Hz – 370 kHz
Acoustic monitor output yes (fixed 10-fold undersampling)
Overload indicator (red LED) yes
Peak level meter (4 LEDs) yes
Input sensitivity (max trim) -43.2dBV = -41 dBu = 6.9 mVrms
Input sensitivity (min trim) -3.2dBV = -1 dBu = 0.69 Vrms
Input sensitivity (max trim) step gain option -31.8 dBV = -29 dBu = 25.6 mVrms
Input sensitivity (min trim) step gain option 2.1 dBV = 4 dBu = 1.28 Vrms
Gain adjustment potentiometer 40 dB continuous range (standard) or
33 dB range with 3 dB increments (optional)
Input impedance 50 kOhm
Analog input connector female XLR-5 socket
Other inputs external trigger (TTL-compatible), 4 digital inputs (TTL-compatible)
Computer interface USB 1.1, isochronous full-speed mode
Physical USB connection A-type USB cable fixed to the device
Supply current (drawn from the USB) 185 mA
Housing compact aluminum enclosure
Physical dimensions (W/H/D) in mm 56 x 35 x 140
Weight 300 g

UltraSoundGate 116-200 – Complete Kit for Recording Ultrasound in Air

with condenser microphone, recording software and remote control

part # 31168 # 31169
  • Very sensitive externally polarized condenser microphone (CM16 + CMPA) with a flat frequency response, replaceable capsule (a spare capsule is included), low-noise and low-distortion preamplifier,
  • High-speed ultrasound recording interface (direct sampling at up to 500 kHz and 16 bit) with a fully differential analog input, integrated polarization voltage supply (200V), peak level meter, trigger button, acoustic monitor output, rugged aluminum housing and USB interface (UltraSoundGate 116),
  • Recording software Avisoft-RECORDER USG, which provides a real-time spectrographic display and various triggering facilities for both manual and automated long-term recording modes,
  • Microphone extension cable (2 m or other lengths on request),
  • Microphone stand (mini tripod),
  • Wired remote control,
  • Water-proof transport case

UltraSoundGate 116-200 (complete kit with condenser microphone, extension cable, mini tripod and spare capsule)

Available Accessories

  • Sound analysis software Avisoft-SASLab Pro
  • Refurbishing kit for the condenser microphone capsule CM16 (including 25 metallized diaphragm foils, stretching frame, screw driver, …)
  • Additional electret microphone (recommended as a back-up microphone in difficult humid environments)

Principle of the UltraSoundGate 116-200 recording system

What are the advantages of Avisoft-UltraSoundGate 116-200 over other bat detectors?

  • The increased dynamic range (16 bit A/D conversion instead of 8 or 12 bits) and the newly designed microphones enable high-quality recordings with superior signal-to-noise ratios.
  • The integrated peak level meter (consisting of 5 LED’s) helps adjusting the recording level appropriately (for preventing both overload and too soft recordings).
  • Unlimited continuous recording time (the only limitation is the size of the computer harddisk).
  • Realtime spectrogram display during recording (can also be disabled).
  • A TTL-compatible digital input allows to synchronize the sound recordings with other signals (e.g. video).
  • Acoustic monitoring either using the broad-band monitor output on the USG device or the virtual bat detector mode in the Avisoft-RECORDER software (heterodyning or aliasing technique).
  • In contrast to other PCMCIA-based direct-sampling solutions, the UltraSoundGate system is truly portable and well suited for rough field use. There are no fragile or bulky components that might prevent flawless field work.

What is the advantage of the Avisoft Bioacoustics CM16/CMPA microphone over a 1/4″ measurement microphone?

The reliable analysis of soft ultrasonic vocalizations requires sound recordings that exhibit a good signal-to-noise ratio. 1/4″ measurement microphones have been optimized for precision, durability and high-level applications. As a result, the inherent noise level of such microphones is relatively high at about 30dB (re 20µPa). The CM16/CMPA microphone that is supplied with the ultrasound recording kit, provides a inherent noise level that is about 12 dB below that of 1/4″ microphones:

The significantly lower noise floor certainly simplifies the subsequent automated analysis of the recordings.

UltraSoundGate 116-200 operated with an UMPC.

See also the flyer   UltraSoundGate advertising flyer (411KB pdf file).

  Using legacy Avisoft-UltraSoundGate 116 and 416 hardware on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10