Portable Ultrasonic Power Amplifier

part # 70101, 70103

Power amplifier for ultrasound playback through third-party D/A converter products such as National Instruments DAQ devices or USB audio interfaces (suited for setups that require custom software for controlling the playback procedure). The amplifier can be powered either from a computer via USB (5 VDC) or from a separate AC/DC adapter (12…36 VDC).

Power Amplifier, front view

Power Amplifier, back view

Number of channels 1
Output power 1.5 W (USB powered) or 10 W (with external 36 VDC power supply)
DC bias voltage for electrostatic speakers 200 V (not available in Model B, # 70103)
Frequency range 1 … 180 kHz
Slew rate 8 V/µsec
Overload indicator (red LED) yes
Volume adjustment potentiometer yes
Speaker output connector 4-pole speakON connector
Physical power connectors B-type USB socket (5VDC) or 2.1 mm coaxial power socket (12…36VDC)
Supply current max 500 mA (drawn from USB) or up to 1 A from an external 12…36 VDC supply
Housing compact aluminium enclosure
Physical dimensions (W/H/D) 85 x 35 x 190 mm
Weight 330 g

Functional principle of the Portable Ultrasonic Power Amplifier

Recommended accessories for the Power Amplifier

  • Dynamic speaker Vifa (#60108) or electrostatic speaker ESS 16 (#60104)

  • An external AC power adaptor (part # 70106) is recommended when high playback sound levels are required.