UltraSoundGate Charge Amplifier with Hi-Pass Filter

for passive hydrophones without integrated pre-amplifier

part # 42002 (USG), 42003 (P48)

This charge amplifier is available in two versions that allows to connect passive hydrophones either to the UltraSoundGate units (#42002) or to other audio recording equipment that supplies 48V phantom-power (#42003). It can replace the TELEDYNE RESON products EC6067, EC6076 and EC6081 while there is no need to charge any batteries (the required power is provided by the UltraSoundGate base unit or the 48V phantom power of the field recorder).

  • Hydrophone input connector : female BNC socket
  • Output connector : male XLR-5 (USG version) or XLR-3 (P48 version) socket
  • Selectable input resistance : 3.3 kOhm … 15 MOhm
  • Selectable input capacitance : 100 pF or 1 nF
  • Available hi-pass cut-off frequencies at an input capacitance of 1nF [Hz] : 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1k, 2.5k, 5k, 10k, 25k, 50kHz (or 100 Hz … 500 kHz at 100 pF)
  • Gain = 20 log (capacitance of the hydrophone / selected input capacitance)
  • Physical dimensions : 85 x 25 x 48 mm
  • Weight : 90 g

The gain of the charge amplifier depends both on the nominal capacitance of the connected hydrophone and the selected amplifier input capacitance. A hydrophone capacitance of 3nF and an input capacitance of 1nF would provide a gain of approximately 10 dB. The alternate input capacitance of 100pF would provide a gain of 30 dB. The supply voltage for the amplifier is provided by the UltraSoundGate device (via USB), which means that there is no additional power supply required. A special phantom-powered version allows to connect the amplifier directly to other audio recording equipment. 

Compatible hydrophones are for instance RESON TC4013, RESON TC4033, RESON TC4034, Brüel & Kjær 8103 with Microdot to BNC adapter JP-145, Brüel & Kjær 8104, Brüel & Kjær 8105, Cetacean Research Technology CR3 and High Tech, Inc. HTI-99-HF (without preamplifier).