UltraSoundGate 116Un kit

part # 31186

Generic USB Audio Device with CM16/CMPA condenser microphone, microphone extension cable, balanced analog input, trigger button, rugged aluminium housing, USB 1.1/2.0 full-speed interface and the full-featured Avisoft-RECORDER USG/USGH software. It can be used with both the included RECORDER software and other third-party (or custom) audio recording software that can handle class-compliant USB audio devices with the available high sample rates.

UltraSoundGate 116Un with CM16/CMPA microphone

USB and XLR connector

Number of channels 1
ADC type Delta-Sigma architecture with integrated adaptive anti-aliasing filter
Resolution16 bit
Sample rates [kHz] on the Avisoft-RECORDER USGH software 384, 256, 192, 128, 96, 48 kHz
Sample rates [kHz] on most third-party recording software 384, 192, 96, 48 kHz
Frequency response 20 Hz – 180 kHz
Acoustic monitor output no
Overload indicator (red LED) no
Peak level meter no
Input sensitivity -9 dBV = -7 dBu = 0.35 Vrms
Gain adjustment potentiometer no (fixed gain)
Input impedance 50 kOhm
Analog input connector female XLR-5 socket
Other inputs external trigger input/output (TTL-compatible), one digital input (TTL-compatible)
Computer interface USB 1.1/2.0, isochronous full-speed mode
Physical USB connection standard B-type USB socket
Supply current (drawn from the USB) 100 mA
Housing compact aluminum enclosure
Physical dimensions (W/H/D) in mm 36 x 36 x 120 (with microphone)
Weight 170 g (with microphone)
Included software Avisoft-RECORDER USG and USGH for Windows
System requirements PC with at least an Intel Atom at 1 GHz, running Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11 for using the RECORDER USGH software or other recording software running on Windows(1), Linux, Android(2), iOS(3) and OS X that supports Generic USB Audio Devices at sample rates of 48, 96, 192 or 384 kHz

(1) tested with Audacity, GoldWave and Avisoft-RECORDER (with MME driver on Windows 10).
(2) tested with the Bat Recorder and USB Audio Recorder PRO Android apps
(3) tested with the Ultrasonic Analyzer iOS app in the single sample rate mode (press the TRIGGER button when plugging in the USG 116Un)

Principle of the UltraSoundGate 116Un recording system in conjunction with the Avisoft-RECORDER USG/USGH software on Windows and with third-party software

Available Accessories

What are the advantages of Avisoft-UltraSoundGate 116Un over other USB ultrasound microphones?

  • The class-compliant USB audio device can be used with either the full-featured Avisoft-RECORDER USG/USGH software on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11 or other third-party recording software that can handle class-compliant USB audio devices.
  • The included CM16/CMPA microphone provides lower noise (better signal-to-noise ratio) at higher ultrasonic frequencies, a flatter on-axis frequency response and will fully recover after getting wet (electret microphones found in other USB microphones may be damaged permanently after exposure to moisture).
  • It’s XLR-5 microphone input socket allows to use up to over 200 meter long extension cables and supports also other analog (electret) ultrasound microphones.
  • Supports a number of different sample rates ranging from 48 to 384 kHz, which can help work around potential compatibility issues on different third-party software applications.
  • The physical trigger button and trigger input, which is exposed to the operating system as a common game/joystick controller, can be easily accessed from custom software.
  • Rugged design with a large and reliable USB type B connector.
  • Despite of its low power requirements (100 mA drawn from the USB port), the USG 116Un base unit can still be combined with all UltraSoundGate accessories such as the 1/4″ Mic Power Module or the Charge Amplifier.