UltraSoundGate Player BL Light

part # 70113

UltraSoundGate Player BL Light is a cost-effective ultrasound playback unit for luring bats. The system consists of an USB computer interface, D/A converter, power amplifier, speaker, tripod mount and playback software. It is entirely powered from the USB interface of the computer (bus-powered), which means that no additional batteries are required. An attachable eye allows to hang the unit on a mist net pole or a tree.

The comfortable playlist feature of the accompanying RECORDER USGH software allows to play both original, noise-reduced or fully synthesized bat calls in random order and at random intervals. A growing collection of European bat sounds that are suited for this purpose is available at www.batcalls.com.

UltraSoundGate Player BL Light, front view

UltraSoundGate Player BL Light, mounted on a tripod

Number of channels 1
Resolution 8 or 16 bit
Sample rates [kHz] 1000 (8 bit only), 750(8 bit only), 500, 384, 375, 300, 250, 214, 192, 187.5, 166.6, 150, 125, 100. The bundled RECORDER USGH software provides a real-time oversampling option that allows to play .wav files with any sample rate below 500 kHz (including time-expanded recordings).
Output power 1.5 W
Max sound pressure level 100 dBSPL @ 10 cm (= 80 dBSPL @ 1 m)
Frequency range 1 … 125 kHz
Amplifier slew rate 8 V/µsec
Overload indicator (red LED) no
Volume adjustment potentiometer no
Trigger button no
Speaker output connector n/a
Physical USB connection B-type USB socket (or LEMO 1B on request)
Supply current 500 mA (drawn from the USB)
Physical dimensions (W/H/D) 90 x 56 x 116 mm
Weight 360 g
Included software Avisoft-RECORDER USGH
System requirements PC with at least an Intel Atom at 1 GHz, running Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11

Functional principle of the UltraSoundGate Player BL Light

Frequency response of the built-in speaker


Note that playing back (ultra)sounds in the field for attracting wild animals usually requires an official license or permit issued by the local nature conservation authorities!

Due to the potentailly very high sound levels at close distances, keep away from the speaker or wear a hearing protector during playback!