Low-cost bat monitoring kit

part # 40040

Low-cost computer-based bat monitoring system consisting of a phantom-powered electret microphone (#40002), an USB audio interface (#43008) and the Avisoft-RECORDER single-channel software (#10201). The 192 kHz USB audio interface limits the maximum signal frequency that can be recorded with this system to 80…90 kHz.

The recording system can be operated from a low-cost netbook or a small desktop PC

Principle of the low-cost bat monitoring system

Because this low-cost solution employs a mass-market USB audio interface that has been primarily designed for musicians, it is more complicated to set-up (there are numerous knobs and buttons and certainly setting the sample rate to 192 kHz is not straightforward). So, if simplicity, reliability and a small form factor are important, one of the integrated UltraSoundGate systems (116Hnbm or 116Hn) would be a better choice.

System requirements : PC with at least an Intel Atom processor at 1 GHz, running Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10

Optionally available accessories

  • Microphone extension cables (XLR-3) with custom-specific lengths up to 150 m
  • Intel Core i3 mini computer (4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 3 x USB 2.0, Windows 8.1) with preinstalled RECORDER USGH / SASLab Lite software, suited for long-term monitoring at sites with access to AC power (at wind turbines for instance). This system will boot automatically after an AC power loss (siehe auch Langzeitmonitoring).