Ultrasound Microphones

for field recorders and USB audio interfaces that provide P48 Phantom Power

Avisoft Bioacoustics offers two phantom-powered ultrasound microphone models that are compatible with common field recorders (such as Tascam DR-100MKIII and SoundDevices MixPre-3M) and USB audio interfaces that provide a high sample rate of 192 kHz and the required 48V phantom power:

Microphone model
FG Series
Part # 40002 40012
Microphone principle pre-polarized condenser
externally polarized condenser (200V)

Relative flatness of the frequency response poor
(see frequency response)
(see frequency response)
Approximate self-noise level 30 … 50 kHz 26 dB 18 dB
Approximate sensitivity 500 mV/Pa 500 mV/Pa
Phantom power requirements 48V, 10 mA 48V, 10 mA
Durability of the diaphragm good very good
Reliability in high-humidity environments good good
Total size [mm] 19 x 19 x 47 36 x 36 x 120
Weight 40g 155g
(including CMPA)

Note that the frequency responses of some field recorders (certainly at the 192 kHz sample rate) are not optimal for recording ultrasounds above about 60 to 70 kHz. The aliasing performance (rejection of signal components at frequencies above the nyquist frequency) is not satisfying and might reduce the effectively usable bandwidth.

For recording higher ultrasounds, it is therefore recommended to use a recording system that supports sample rates higher than 192 kHz and more appropriate frequency responses (for instance one of the UltraSoundGate devices).