Avisoft-RECORDER, version 2.97 (23 February 2007)

  • A new trigger option “any channel (OR)” improves the capabilities for simultaneously recording from microphone or hydrophone arrays.
  • The newly implemented command ‘Monitoring’/’Shut down time…’ allows to shut down the computer at a pre-defined time each day. In conjunction with the RTC Alarm option that is avalaible in the BIOS setup of many computers, it is possible to switch on the computer for a limited period of time each day.
  • Improved offline .wav file processing capabilities: The new option ‘no output – process as fast as possible’ that has been added to the ‘Device’ list box on the ‘Out dev…’ dialog box accelerates the offline processing of .wav files.
  • Playback LOG file implemented.
  • Playlist/Autostart option added.
  • The NI-DAQmx RECORDER version now supports low-cost digital I/O devices (NI USB-6501) for triggering playbacks (via standard WDM audio interfaces) by external TTL signals.