Avisoft-RECORDER, version 3.3 (27 December 2007)

  • The new USV real-time monitoring option for counting and measuring rat or mice ultrasonic vocalizations provides instant results on the acquired USVs. Various descriptive statistics items such as the total number, total duration, mean duration or standard deviation of the detected USVs can be reported (screen shot).
  • New ‘whistle tracking’ trigger option for detecting soft whistle-like signals that are buried in the background noise floor.
  • New ‘permanent (limited)’ trigger option for applications that require specific pre-defined recording durations.
  • The ‘UltraSoundGate DI’ trigger (RECORDER USG and USGH versions) now provides exact sample precise external triggering.
  • Simultaneous sound activated triggering on multichannel audio interfaces with several logic stereo pairs now works correctly.
  • New test signal playback tool for testing the equipment in long-term monitoring applications.