Avisoft-RECORDER, version 3.4 (22 May 2009)

  • The newly implemented GPS option (Options/GPS settings) allows to attach any NMEA compatible GPS receiver (either a Bluetooth GPS receiver, a USB GPS mouse or a handheld GPS unit) to the notebook PC in order to simultaneously acquire the geographic locations of the recorded .wav files. The resulting log files are common .gpx or .kml files that can be imported into GIS applications such as Google Earth. See also the RECORDER page.
  • A new batch mode supports processing large numbers of animals in drug testing procedures.
  • Addional file name options added.
  • In order to simplify the configuration management, the default configuration files now reside in the folder …username/Documents/Avisoft Bioacoustics/Configurations/RECORDER (before they were located in the hidden folder C:/Users/username/AppData/Roaming/Avisoft Bioacoustics).
  • The external digital trigger sources can now be inversed in order to enable active high TTL logic.
  • The UltraSoundGate models 116H, 416H, 816H and 1218H (with the new firmware version 1.1) can now be configured to ouput the internal RECORDER USGH software trigger state through the TRG socket, which enables the synchronization with other recording systems.
  • GPS coordinates are now also written directly into the .wav file header (‘GPS ‘ chunk).
  • Labeling functionality added (commands ‘Monitoring’/’LOG file comment’, ‘Options’/’Create labels from digital input events…’, ‘Options’/’USV monitoring setup wizard…’)