Avisoft-RECORDER, version 4.0 (31 May 2010)

  • LANC and SMPTE timecode signals fed into the UltraSoundGate digital inputs can be decoded, displayed and can be used as a trigger source.
  • RECORDER USGH now also supports old UltraSoundGate 116 units that were manufactured before 2004 (firmware versions 1.x)
  • User-defined text modules for entering comments or filename prefixes can simplify the documentation of surveys.
  • FFT overlap capabilities implemented for imroved temporal resolutions of real-time spectrograms
  • Additional whistle tracking options now also allow detecting frequency-modulated signals. In passive bat monitoring applications, the newly implemented Bat Call Trigger Filter tool (command Options/Bat call trigger filter settings…) can efficiently avoid unwanted triggering on broad-band insect songs or rain drops.
  • The .wav file header now includes a ‘bext’ chunk (complying with the broadcast wave format (BWF) standard) that contains the creation date, time reference and GPS coordinates, which can be read by third-party sound editing applications.