Avisoft-RECORDER, version 4.2.15 (21 December 2012)

  • The new “sleep” option on the command “Monitoring”/”Shutdown / Sleep time…” facilitates putting a laptop or tablet computer regularly to sleep in order to extend the battery life in long-term monitoring applications.
  • Resume from sleep and hibernation now functions smoothly even if the monitoring was running at the time when the PC was put to sleep/hibernation.
  • The new “Device” listbox option “Playback” on the Configuration dialog box allows visualizing and processing the waveforms played through the Play menu.
  • The ‘WAV File Folder’ device option will now processes the entire folder tree and supports the ‘Automated call measurements’ tool.
  • The GPS interface now also supports the Windows Location API, which makes it possible to use it on the new Windows 8 tablet PC’s that come with an inbuilt GPS/GNSS receiver.
  • The new option “Play” > “Show playlist entries on touch panel” facilitates conducting interactive playback experiments on tablet PC’s.