Avisoft-RECORDER, version 4.2.19 (20 August 2014)

  • The playlist functionality has been extended in order to allow randomized single-pass playbacks (option “randomize” activated and “loop mode” deactivated).
  • The option “Play” / “Settings…” > “seamless loop / playlist” now allows playing the .wav files on the playlist seamlessly without any gaps between them (the option “delay” must be deactivated for that).
  • The new preset “Bat Calls” / “WEA Offline Analysis (BMU-Projekt)” provides the analysis settings recommended by the German BMU research project on reducing bat fatalities at wind turbines. Download the ProBat software from the WindBat website http://www.windbat.techfak.fau.de/tools/
  • The new Log file comment option “Create automatic playback comment” in combination with “Create wav file label” automatically inserts playback comments into the currently recorded .wav file each time when a .wav file is being played.
  • The new “Advanced USGH Device Settings” option “Show DIN” allows visualizing the DIN state on the real-time display as a blue trace.
  • The new trigger option “.wav file playback” will work across different RECORDER instances for recording and playback.
  • The immunity of the software against sudden power loss conditions has been improved (the filenumber.txt file will not be damaged anymore on power failues).