Avisoft-RECORDER, version 4.2.5 (25 July 2011)

  • The new command “Monitoring”/”Trigger level calibration…” can be used to adjust the trigger levels in a precise and repeatable way, which is important for acoustic bat monitoring projects at wind energy facilities (see the German manual).
  • The new command “Monitoring”/”Log file date format” selects the preferred date format (MM/DD/YY, YYYYMMDD or DD.MM.YY).
  • The new Configuration dialog box option “enable USG TRG button as alternative trigger source” on the RECORDER USGH allows to trigger a recording either by the “level of this channel” or by pressing the USG trigger button.
  • The dXML metadata functionality has been further improved. The “dXML metadata record” dialog box command “Reset” resets all fields and the command “Save” saves the current record into the previously recorded .wav file (otherwise, any changes made in the “dXML metadata record” panel will only affect the subsequently recorded .wav files).