Avisoft-RECORDER, version 4.2.9 (26 March 2012)

  • The new “Options”/”Spectrogram Settings…” dialog box allows adjusting the FFT window and color map of the real-time spectrogram, similar to SASLab Pro/Lite.
  • The new option “Options”/”Display”/”Status display” provides summarizing status information for long-term monitoring applications, which can be sent as compact email messages (from “Monitoring”/”Daily alarm actions…” > “create template for sendEmail.exe!”)
  • The new trigger option “call class other than “?” allows limiting the triggering to certain call types according to the class defintions made on the command “Options”/”Automated call measurements settings…”
  • A gate option has been added to the playlist tool, which allows to limit the playback of the files in the playlist to user-defined daily time intervals.
  • The whistle tracking algorithm on the Bat Call Filter has been improved by adding the new option “accept only monotonic structures”, which can now better disginguish between (simple) frequency-modulated calls and noise.
  • The new command “Monitoring”/”Ring buffer…” allows accessing the waveforms acquired by the UltraSoundGate hardware in real-time from other custom software via a simple ring buffer (circular buffer) that resides on the hard disk.