Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 3.0 (June 1997)

  • Real-time spectrogram scroll mode implemented
  • Manual Erase-mode in the spectrogram window. This allows to remove undesired structures from the spectrogram image.
  • Harmonic cursor in the spectrogram window. This supports the determination of the harmonic structure (fundamental frequency) of the spectrogram.
  • Enhanced amplitude manipulation (tapering, limiting, multiplying and dividing by files).
  • Manual sample point editing in the main window. Editing (cut, paste, …) can be done more accurate.
  • Graphical input of cutoff-frequencies in the filter dialogues from the spectrogram or spectrum display using cursors. This improves the usability of the filter functions.
  • Undo of editing actions
  • Synthesizer: Generation of harmonic signals by mouse drawing of the parameter evolution (fundamental frequency, amplitudes of harmonics, frequency and amplitude modulation)