Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 3.84 (October 2000)

  • A new peak frequency detection algorithm supports measurement precisions beyond the spectrum/spectrogram resolution
  • Automatic Parameter Measurements extended: sub-element counting for analysis of phrases, measuring the distance from start to maximum, derived element-based parameters for measuring the extend of frequency modulation (upward or downward, rising velocity).
  • New Save/Load command in the Classification Settings dialog in order to simplify the handling of classification settings.
  • Avisoft-CORRELATOR now supports aligned averaging of spectrograms previously saved in SASLab Pro from ‘File’/’Save spectrogram…’. Averaged spectrograms can be opened in SASLab from ‘Analyze’/’Open spectrogram…’
  • Configuration file handling improved.
  • New format options for section labels: layer1 | layer2 |layer3 | total, which support hierarchic or overlapped labels.
  • Label input and editing in the spectrum view
  • New options ‘Actions’/’On program start’, which automate some common commands.
  • Graphic Synthesizer / ‘Scan Spectrogram’: Accuracy of the fundamental frequency extraction improved, occasional bug fixed, optional static sample point reduction for regular spaced measurements of peak frequency and peak amplitude.