Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 4.14 (03 June 2002)

  • Improved real-time spectrograph : peak-hold recording level meter, max FFT size increased to 1024, frequency and time measurement cursor and buttons for quicker spectrogram contrast adjustment, the new option “File”/”Save into numbered .wav file and increment” will support quick pre-trigger harddisk recording of sporadic sound events
  • The main-window recording command now provides real-time spectrogram displays
  • The filter bandwidth of spectrograms can be set directly from the Spectrogram Parameters dialog
  • New editing commands: File/Specials/’Insert .wav file’, ‘Append .wav file’, ‘Swap channels’ and special commands for UltraSoundGate Player
  • The Automatic Response option is now available in the standard version at no extra costs and a new option supports multichannel experiments
  • New classification method based on linear discrimination functions (LDA)
  • The recording buffer of the real-time spectrogram can now be captured by pressing a joystick button
  • The new option “File”/”Specials”/”Don’t work on copies of opened .wav files” will accelerate opening large .wav files.