Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 4.32 (16 June 2004)

  • Introducing a new cross-correlation classification command (Tools/Labels/”Classify labeled sections…” and Analyze/Specials/”Detect and classify waveform events…”) for automated identification of sound events. The classification algorithm is based on a template spectrogram comparison. See the classification report screen shot.
  • A new element separation option in the Automatic Parameter Measurements allows to use separate thresholds for locating the start and the end of an element (which is certainly useful for analyzing bat echolocation calls).
  • Export of labels as ASCII-formatted binary time series data.
  • Improved handling of the Automatic Parameter Measurements command.
  • New Automatic Parameter Measurements option for measuring the locations (time stamps) of minimum and maximum parameters (“Min / Max param. of entire element”,”t”). See example for measuring the locations of min and max peak frequencies).