Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 4.34 (01 February 2005)

  • A peak (or dominant) frequency option in the Pulse Train Analysis tool expands the analysis capabilties certainly for frog calls.
  • An additional post filter option in the Automatic Parameter Measurements allows to exclude unwanted short and/or broad-band cracks from the analysis.
  • The new group analysis option in the Automatic Parameter Measurements tool provides additional measurements on the temporal structure of phrases.
  • Impoved capabilities for analyzing the temporal structure of subsequent soundfiles (numbered sound event files created by Avisoft-RECORDER). The new option ‘inflate breaks’ on File/Specials/’Re-assembling settings…’ can speed up the analysis of long sequences (when disabling this option). See the principle of the available file display options.
  • The command Edit/’Change volume…’ can now either be applied to the current marker or alternatively to all section labels.