Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 4.38 (25 January 2006)

  • An additional option on the Automatic Parameter Measurement setup dialog allows to enable the spectrum-based parameters individually for each location. This location-specific parameter selection can improve the clearness of the measurements because it is possible to disable unwanted and irrelevant combinations of parameters and locations.
  • The “Derived Parameter” capabilities of the Automatic Parameter Measurement tool have been extended (additional parameter “0”).
  • A few optimizations in the Automatic Parameter Measurement tool accelerate the processing of very long spectrograms.
  • The user will be prompted to save changes before closing a modified file.
  • Optional clock time display on the time axis of waveforms and spectrograms (command Analyze/Time axis format/hh:mm:ss.sssss).
  • The maximum number of harmonics in the Graphic synthesizer has been expanded to 24.
  • Instantaneous frequency and zero-croosing analysis plots (from the One-dimensional transformation command) can now be displayed in the Graphic Synthesizer window as a background graph.
  • The Automatic Parameter Measurement matrix results can be copied in transposed order.
  • Autocorrelation method (ACF) added for fundamental frequency determination in the Automatic Parameter Measurements tool.