Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 4.40 (03 November 2007)

  • The software now uses the standard Windows folders for program files, application data (configuration files and temporary data) and documents (sound files, measurement results, etc.). It is therefore no longer required to run the software with administrator rights.
  • The new batch command “Classify .wav or .son files (show results in a single table)” allows to classify either sound files (.wav) or proviously saved binary spectrogram files (.son) by using the spectrogram image cross correlation technique. Both the class assignments and the underlying cross correlation coefficients will be displayed in a single table.
  • The new command “File/Specials/Join .wav files from playlist…” allows to join the .wav files that are listed in a playlist file (.txt or .m3u) into a single .wav file.
  • The spectrogram display procedures have been optimized for Windows Vista.
  • Additional option on “Location of measurements” in the Automatic Parameter Measurements tool: “Mean param. of entire element”.