Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 4.52 (02 June 2009)

  • The playback functionality has been revised in order to enable playing back individual tracks of multichannel sound files (new command File/Playback settings…).
  • The calibration command has been improved in order to simplify absolute sound pressure level measurements with calibrated microphones/hydrophones (command Tools/Calibration…).
  • Voice note .wav files created by the new RECORDER software option “voice notes” can now be displayed and played in SASLab Pro. The command ‘Edit’/’Filter’/’Frequency Domain Transformation…’ > ‘Lowpass’ has got an additonal option titled ‘1/f’ that allows to convert white noise into pink noise.
  • Octave and Third-Octave Analysis options have been implemented (command Analyze/One-dimensional Transformation…)