Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 4.53 (22 January 2010)

  • An additional smoothing option in the Graphic Synthesizer tool allows to create more natural synthetic vocalizations.
  • The new batch processing options ‘Sort files using APM classes’, ‘Sort files using template spectrograms (triggered CCF)’ and ‘Sort files using template spectrograms (continuous CCF)’ provide support for reviewing large amounts of automatically triggered sound files.
  • The new command ‘Edit’/’Synthesizer’/’Insert while noise…’ and ‘Insert pink noise…’ simplify the creation of noise signals. Graphic Synthesizer .ARR files can now also be opened by drag & drop.
  • The spectrogram window ‘Tools’/’Remove erased spectrogram sections from waveform’ has been improved in order to minimize distortions. Depending on the selected parameter settings, this command can now function very smoothly.
  • The new Spectrogram Export Parameters option ‘create multiple (page) files’ allows to save very long spectrograms into a series of individual .wmf, .tif or .bmp graphics files.
  • The new command “Edit”/”Format”/”Restore the original time scale of a time-expanded recording…” and the associated batch command option allow preparing time-expanded bat detector recordings for playback more easily.
  • Anti-aliasing option added to the Graphic synthesizer.
  • Zero phase FIR filter option added.