Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 5.1.19 (10 August 2011)

  • The new option “clock reference pulses on USG DI (LSB)” on the Time Axis Format dialog box can help syncronizing different data aquisition systems.
  • The new option “Metadata”/”Save changes without prompting” can accelerate the process of entering metadata.
  • The new command “File”/”Specials”/”Previous/Next file command settings…” allows to select the desired file order for the Previous/Next file commands.
  • The command “File”/”Specials”/”Auto Browse…” can execute the “Next file” command in an automated, timer-controlled way, which might be useful for visually examining large numbers of soundfiles.
  • Main window command “Analyze”/”Frequency cursor” added.
  • New buttons on the Metabase Query dialog box allow to copy, delete or rename the .wav files that satisfy the metabase query request. The new query filter options “null” and “not null” allow to select files whose specific metabase fields are either empty or not empty.