Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 5.2.06 (29 October 2012)

  • The new command “File”/”Heterodyned playback mode…” allows playing back ultrasound recordings just like on a common heterodyne bat detector (virtual bat detector mode), which can help understand how bat detectors work or may be useful to those who are used to work with heterodyne bat detectors and would like to continue this method on full spectrum recordings.
  • The command “File”/”Specials”/Georeference .wav files…” has been extended in order to accept also the GPS coordinates that are stored in the .wav files created by the Avisoft-RECORDER software (new option “use the custom Avisoft Bioacoustics .wav file GPS chunk”), as well as .KML (Google Earth version 5.2 or later) and Garmin Training Center .TCX tracklog files.
  • All georeferencing tools can now directly create the ESRI shapefile format (.shp), which can simplify the GIS-related workflow.
  • The threshold of the Pulse Train Analysis tool can no be defined relative to the overall peak amplitude (new option “rel.”), in order to better manage varying pulse intensities.
  • New comamnd “Tools”/”Labels”/”Save labeled sections of same class into single .wav files…”
  • New batch command “Create section labels from waveform events”
  • Unchecking the new option “launch setup dialog boxes” on the “Batch processing” dialog box allows bypassing the setup dialog boxes, which can simplify the (repeated) usage of this tool.