Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 5.2.08 (15 September 2014)

  • The Pulse Train Analysis option “Settings” > “Apply an upper amplitude limit” has been added in order to exclude pulses that exceed a user-defined peak amplitude.
  • The new main window command “Tools” > “Labels” > “Classify Element Sequences…” can detect user-defined label patterns. In combination with one of the classification tools, this functionality could be used for recognizing more complex vocalizations consisting of a series of different elements. It is also available as a batch procedure.
  • The time coordinates exported by left-clicking on the spectrogram window in the reticule cursor mode will now also include the absolute time along with the video frame number when the LANC or SMPTE time axis format has been selected.
  • The command “Tools” / “Labels” / “Save labeled sections into numbered .wav files…” has got the new option “Add the filename of the original .wav file” and a “Digits” list box for the numbering.
  • The command “Tools” / “Batch processing…” > “Template Cross Correlation” now also supports .son spectrogram files rather than only .wav files.