Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 5.2.10 (17 January 2017)

  • A phase scrambling option has been added to the command “Edit”/”Filter”/”Frequency Domain Transformation…”
  • The sample rate of 384 kHz has been added to the recording tool (selectable on “File”/”Sound Card Settings…”).
  • The touch panel renaming tool now also shows the text modules that have been defined in the external text file and the new “Delete” button allows removing any existing prefix from the current .wav file.
  • The File > Rename command can now also add suffixes rather than only prefixes. The metabase and geolocation tools add export options for suffixes.
  • In order to improve the compatibility with third-party software, all sound files will now be saved with the lowercase .wav extension (rather than uppercase .WAV).
  • The newly added phenology tool (Metadata > Define and create virtual Metatadatabase… > Virtual Metabase setup > Phenology) exports phenology histograms (number of .wav files on a day versus time of day table). See the manual at page 131 for details.
  • The Pulse Train Analysis option “Add filename” has been extended by the two related options “to each row” and “with path”.