Avisoft-UltraSoundGate 416H, 816H, 1216H, Player (07 September 2007)

  • Introducing new bus-powered multichannel UltraSoundGate devices USG 416H, 816H and 1216H, which provide up to 12 channels that can be sampled at up to 750 kHz at 16 bit resolution.
  • Introducing the bus-powered UltraSoundGate Player 116 that provides a 16 bit D/A converter and an adjustable power amplifier in a single box. This product enables mobile playback in the field on new laptop computers that do not have a PC-Card slot (PCMCIA) for the NI-DAQCard 6062E anymore.
  • Introducing two new compact electrostatic speakers that are suited for playing back very high ultrasonic signals.