Introducing UltraSoundGate 116Un/116Unb (29 April 2016)

  • The new UltraSoundGate models 116Un and 116Hnb are class-compliant USB audio devices (USB microphones) that can be used with both the full-featured Avisoft-RECORDER USG/USGH Windows software and other third-party (or custom) recording software on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and OS X. Despite of their low power requirements (100 mA drawn from the USB port), the USG 116Un/Unb base units can still be combined with all UltraSoundGate accessories such as the 1/4″ Mic Power Module or the Charge Amplifier. Avisoft Bioacoustics introduced the first generation of class-compliant USB audio devices for recording ultrasound back in 2001 (see for instance the now discontinued USG 116).