Avisoft SASLab Pro, version 5.3.2 (29 March 2024)

The display options for the UltraSoundGate DIO track have been extended. The new drop-down menu option UltraSoundGate DIO display style > allows choosing different line widths and an alternative gray background color of the waveform display. The main window command Edit > Format > Stereo -> mono / Mix… has got an automix option that […]

Avisoft RECORDER, version 4.4.1 (13 November 2023)

The maximum FFT size has been increased from 1024 to 4096. The newly implemented multi-column display mode allows better viewing large channel counts. See Options > Spectrogram settings… > maximum number of display columns or Options > Display > maximum columns > The default Base directory has changed from C:\Users\username\Documents\Avisoft Bioacoustics to C:\Users\username\Documents\Avisoft Bioacoustics\RECORDER_xxx in […]

Avisoft-RECORDER, version 4.3.5 (13 October 2022)

The new option Play playlist entries 1…8 by NI-DAQmx DI port pulse allows to play one of eight predefined .wav files by TTL pulses fed into an external National Instruments DAQ device (only available on the RECORDER USGH Ni-DAQmx and RECORDER Ni-DAQmx). A new USB key (dongle) driver model has been implemented to support Sentinel […]

Avisoft SASLab Pro, version 5.3.1 (07 July 2022)

Two new batch command options have been added: Copy labels and Remove gaps between section labels Thew new main window command File > Specials > Shift channels supports time shifting indiviual channels of multichannel files. The main window command File > Specials > Swap channels can now also process multichannel files with more than 2 […]

Avisoft SASLab Pro, version 5.3.0 (25 May 2021)

A new minimum interval option has been added to the Pulse Train Analysis tool to cope with multipath signals or echoes (Pulse Train Analysis Settings). A new USB key (dongle) driver model has been implemented to support Sentinel HL (driverless configuration) keys. See also USB key (dongle) information.

Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 5.2.15 (17 March 2021)

A new Batch processing function Mix with clipboard content has been added. The Batch processing options Save one-dimensional transformations into a single ASCII file and Save mean spectra into a single ASCII file now also report the time or frequency scaling of the collected data sets. The software now allows to undo label operations from […]

Introducing the CM24/CMPA microphone

The new CM24/CMPA microphone improves the signal-to-noise compared to the standard model CM16/CMPA by 3 dB, which is accomplished by an increased diaphragm size of 24 mm. The larger diaphragm size also increases its directionality.

Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 5.2.14 (09 January 2020)

The online help system has been updated and migrated to the HTML format for compatibility with Windows 10. A SMPTE timecode option has been added to the temporal parameters section (more…) of the Automatic Parameter Measurements tool in order to simplify the analysis of video recordings. The software can now read cue points (marks) from […]

Avisoft-RECORDER, version 4.2.29 (28 June 2019)

The online help system has been updated and migrated to the HTML format for compatibility with Windows 10. The WAV File Folder batch processing tool has been improved. The display range of the real-time spectrogram and waveform displays can now be adjusted by using the mouse wheel.

Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 5.2.13 (14 June 2019)

The Derived element based parameters functionality of the Automatic Parameter Measurements tool has been extended. It now supports also multiplications and user-defined constant values. A new tool for calculating the Acoustic Complexity Index (ACI) according to https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecolind.2010.11.005 has been implemented. It is located on the spectrogram window drop-down menu Tools > Calulate Acoustic Complexity Index […]

Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 5.2.12 (16 October 2017)

Two additional element separation (segmentation) options have been added to the Automatic Parameter measurements tool: “automatic (spectral entropy)” and “automatic (spectral bandwidth)”. These new methods represent alternative ways (besides the “whistle tracking” tool) for detecting tonal vocalizations in noisy recordings.

Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 5.2.11 (04 September 2017)

A new Automatic Parameter Measurements tool option for measuring the duration of constant frequency (CF) sections of bat calls has been added. It can be accessed through the more… button in the Temporal parameters section.

Avisoft-RECORDER, version 4.2.27 (21 July 2017)

The new option “Monitoring” > “Enable monitoring watchdog” will automatically resume the monitoring mode after recovering from a recording hardware failure, such as an interrupted USB connection. The RECORDER USGH software now rejects disabled in-between channels from multichannel .wav files. Until recently it was necessary to use the channels 1…n (always starting with channel #1) […]

Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 5.2.10 (17 January 2017)

A phase scrambling option has been added to the command “Edit”/”Filter”/”Frequency Domain Transformation…” The sample rate of 384 kHz has been added to the recording tool (selectable on “File”/”Sound Card Settings…”). The touch panel renaming tool now also shows the text modules that have been defined in the external text file and the new “Delete” […]

Avisoft-RECORDER, version 4.2.24 (11 November 2016)

The default “trigger level (threshold)”on the Trigger Level Calibration dialog box has changed from 50 to 37 dB SPL in order to match the most recent recommendations of the RENEBAT II research project report. The USG Player 416H now also accepts 2-channel .wav files (channel 1 is routed to the outputs 1 and 3 and […]

Introducing UltraSoundGate 116Un/116Unb (29 April 2016)

The new UltraSoundGate models 116Un and 116Hnb are class-compliant USB audio devices (USB microphones) that can be used with both the full-featured Avisoft-RECORDER USG/USGH Windows software and other third-party (or custom) recording software on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and OS X. Despite of their low power requirements (100 mA drawn from the USB port), the […]

Avisoft-RECORDER, version 4.2.23 (27 February 2016)

Adds the logfile date format options MM/DD/YYYY and DD.MM.YYYY UltraSoundgate Player 416H driver and interface implemented The newly added “level meter mode” listbox on the “Spectrogram Settings” dialog box allows choosing between the default “peak level” and the “rms level” method in order to facilitate level measurements. The (broad-band) signal level is now also being […]

Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 5.2.09 (14 January 2016)

The main window command “Edit”/”Change Volume…” > “constant” now allows to enter attenuations directly in dB (through the newly added option “dB”). The spectrogram window command “Tools”/”Scan frequency contour and amplitude envelope…” now also supports the option “Reject if peak ampl. < xxx dB” when the whistle tracking element separation method has been selected. The […]

Avisoft-RECORDER, version 4.2.22 (12 October 2015)

The Bat Call Trigger Filter can now be combined with the “entropy threshold”, which can improve its efficiency in rejecting unwanted broad-band noise. The new command “Monitoring”/”Email Error Report settings…” allows to automatically send an email when an USB (USG) or storage (HDD) error occurs. The NMEA 0183 GPS software interface has been extended in […]

Avisoft-RECORDER, version 4.2.21 (01 April 2015)

The newly implemented Spectrogram Settings option “Show spectrum (dBFS vs frequency)” facilitates evaluating noise floors, estimating signal levels and adjusting trigger thresholds. In addition to the basic spectrum average and peak hold diagram, its numeric peak frequency display can help identifying for instance species of bats. The new option can be found on the Spectrogram […]

Avisoft-RECORDER, version 4.2.20 (15 October 2014)

The command Play/Settings… has got two new options (“ext mute control” and “ext pause control”) that allow remote-controlling the commands Play/Mute and Play/Pause via the joystick interface (select “joystick b2 | b6” for the TRG input of the UltraSoundGate 116 and 216H).

New installation programs (19 September 2014)

Avisoft-SASLab Pro, SASLab Lite, RECORDER and RECORDER USGH now have each their own installation program and can be installed indepently from each other. The default program paths have changed as follows: C:/Programs (x86)/Avisoft Bioacoustics/SASLab Pro, C:/Programs (x86)/Avisoft Bioacoustics/RECORDER, C:/Programs (x86)/Avisoft Bioacoustics/RECORDER USGH, C:/Programs (x86)/Avisoft Bioacoustics/SASLab Lite Before installing updates using these new installation programs the […]

Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 5.2.08 (15 September 2014)

The Pulse Train Analysis option “Settings” > “Apply an upper amplitude limit” has been added in order to exclude pulses that exceed a user-defined peak amplitude. The new main window command “Tools” > “Labels” > “Classify Element Sequences…” can detect user-defined label patterns. In combination with one of the classification tools, this functionality could be […]

Avisoft-RECORDER, version 4.2.19 (20 August 2014)

The playlist functionality has been extended in order to allow randomized single-pass playbacks (option “randomize” activated and “loop mode” deactivated). The option “Play” / “Settings…” > “seamless loop / playlist” now allows playing the .wav files on the playlist seamlessly without any gaps between them (the option “delay” must be deactivated for that). The new […]

Avisoft-SASLab Pro, version 5.2.07 (25 June 2014)

The commands “Edit” / “Synthesizer” / “Insert timecode…” and “File” / “Specials” / “UltraSoundGate DIO” / “Insert timecode…” have been extended by the new mode “Single Start Pulse”, which can simplify the preparation of playback .wav files with integrated DOUT synchronization pulses for the UltraSoundGate Player 116 and 216H. The related batch command “Insert USG […]